6 Tools That Get Work Done Faster So You Can Work Less

Tomas Laurinavicius, Forbes
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We all dream of shorter workdays or workweeks, but with advanced tools to help you work faster and smarter, it’s no longer a pipe dream for more than one in five Americans who work from home.

You can now get more work done faster than ever before, whether working from the same location or remotely. By embracing tools for the next generation of project management, more employers can perhaps take cues from Amazon or Sweden’s initiative to reduce the regular 8-hour workday to 6, and improve overall employee productivity and wellness.

Whether it’s real-time collaboration, time-tracking or multitasking, below are the top tools you will love.


Collaboration tool MURAL lets team members visually organize, shuffle and group their thoughts, in real time 24/7, and even lets them track or vote on changes to see how ideas naturally evolve. This real-time design collaboration software boosts the productivity of multidisciplinary teams during any design thinking or creative collaboration process and more importantly, saves distributed teams time.


This app allows users to multi-task and accomplish things in one shot. For example, a user can post an article on a major outlet using the WordPress content management system, and Zapier could do any or all of these three: a) tweet out the article with an image, b) add a new Trello card about the article, c) save the image to user’s Dropbox account, and d) Slack these updates.


Timing is your new best friend when it comes to time management. The app tracks the hours you spend on each project – and even asks you what you did once you get back on your desk! Putting a little pressure on yourself when it comes to finishing tasks within a time frame always helps get things done faster.


Hootsuite is a popular management tool for social media mavens. The app’s central dashboard connects social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others, and lets you schedule posts, publish content simultaneously and monitor engagement all in one place.


No need to be a jack of all trades, with new freelancer platforms like Upwork. You can outsource some aspects of your project to the Gig Economy workforce – getting more work done, better and faster.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of keyboard shortcuts. Tools like CheatSheet for Mac and Veodin KeyRocket for Windows offer genius ways to learn how to use your OS better and faster.


This article was written by Tomas Laurinavicius from Forbes and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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