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With this digital magazine, same as we do with the online education degrees from our partner institutions, we want to serve our students and web visitors with education and inspiration that complements and completes their formal training in their quest for knowledge.

We believe that the ability and opportunities to be perpetually learning is specially valuable in this hyper-connected and knowledge-driven age we live in.
In this magazine, open to any visitor, we bring our perpetual learners relevant knowledge, insights about skills development and the job environment and networking through a curation of articles from selected sources and originally produced content by our editorial and academic teams.

We invite you to discover the magazine, identify and follow those topics that are of your biggest interest and enjoy continuous updates through your computer or mobile device.

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    Investing In Psychological Well-Being Pays Off With...

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    The surprising upside of open offices

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    When You Should Fake it at Work

    Professional Advancement

    An App Inspired By Bad Spending Habits,...

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