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Director of the Master in Protocol and Event Management since 2015

Director and Author of the Master in Communication Management DIRCOM, School of Social Sciences and Communication, Universidad Europea (Feb, 2015- Feb 2016)

PhD Teacher at Universidad Europea de Madrid (1997-1999 + 2009-2016). Currently teaching Brand & Product Management, Persuasive Communication, Event Management & Business Protocol, Direct Marketing, Advertising Account Management and Corporate Identity & Reputation.

Used to teach Spaniards and Erasmus, both in English, French & Spanish. Owner of J.D. Comunication, working as external advisor for Visa Europe (2000-2012) , Servired (2001-2016) and BBK (now Kutxabank, 1991- 2016). Previous Clients (Banco Santander, BBVA, El Corte Inglés, Caja España, Bancaja, Banco Madrid, all of them held for more than 7 years lonh). 

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